How do I add myself or my company to a list?

OfLocal is similar to a wikipedia, where you can add your company to any list that you feel you deserve to be on. You simply create an account with Facebook or LinkedIn (buttons above) and go to the list. There you will see a "Add an Entry to this List" button. Fill in the information and get voting!

How do I edit an existing entry of mine?

If you have not yet received a mail, you will soon. The email will give you all the details of how to edit your entry. If you prefer however to edit it immediately then you can contact us as or use the contact form.

When does voting close?

Voting closes at the end of the year. Midnight 31 December.

How does the voting work?

Anyone can vote, registered and anonymous visitors to the site. Please take not that we do use cookie data to store a session for visitors and thus everyone can only vote once every couple of days on an entry. Thus stopping people from voting for themselves too often.

Who is allowed to nominate people or companies?

Anyone can nominate a company or person to a list. They just need to have an account on OfLocal which can be done through the Facebook and LinkedIn buttons above.

How do I remove myself from an incorrect list?

When you get you email, you will be able to edit your entry and there you can move your entry to a different list.

How do I get votes?

By sharing the list with your supporters. It works well if you share it on your social media pages but some people have had success with newsletters as well.

What do we/our company win?

Your company will be listed as the best in your industry for a year. What this means is more enquiries, more business and more revenue and we promote you more frequently to our supporters.

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