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N2ice Cream Lab

N2ice Cream Lab, Best Ice cream in Cape Town, South Africa
Fresh and natural ice cream mixes are mixed by hand and then blasted with a chilly -195 degree C dose of liquid nitrogen, to create one of the smoothest tasting ice creams this side of the Equator. This is the future of ice cream, and it has taken Cape Town by storm. This is where hand crafted meets science, and the end result is pure ice cream magic. It takes two minutes from pouring the ice cream mixture to mixing, freezing and then serving it in a cup, freshly made and customised just for you. Flavour choices are made from the 'Periodic Table of Flavour' which is chalked on the wall, and keeping the range to around 20 flavours means that quality and freshness are always assured. Only strawberries from Stellenbosch are used to create the fresh strawberry flavour, and pistachio paste comes all the way from Bronte in Sicily to ensure an authentic flavour sensation. Banters are also catered for with fresh vanilla and chocolate flavours. Look out for the Banting 'Salted Caramel' which makes its appearance from time to time at weekends! Using liquid nitrogen to freeze ice cream means that the particles are left minuscule and this is why the ice cream is smoother than other ice creams. A beautiful range of Summer Sorbets (Passion Fruit and Graviola for example) and a stunning range of milk shakes (English Toffee, anyone?!) complete the line up. Visiting the N2 Ice Cream Lab is more than just a taste sensation - the whole spectacle of the Liquid Nitrogen 'show', will keep everyone entertained. It's pure ice cream magic.

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