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Icezeit Gelato and Sorbets

Icezeit Gelato and Sorbets, Best Ice cream in Cape Town, South Africa
Icezeit offers many delicious flavours to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth. Their products are made from fresh fruit, fresh double pasteurized milk, traditional ingredients and as little sugar as they possibly can. No artificial flavourings, preservatives, eggs or stabilizers are used in any of the products. You can also enjoy sugar-free ice cream safe for diabetics. For vegans there is a variety of Vegan Sorbets flavours. Then there is their amazing Greek Frozen Yoghurt as well as the world class iCremosi Coffee Frappe. Icezeit products are made using traditional Italian recipes and techniques from the four-time world champion gelato maker Umberto Mangini. With over 150 flavours of your favorite Gelato and Sorbets, Icezeit boasts the kind of traditional pedigree that makes it one of Cape Town's must-taste delicatessen destinations. The main Production, which produce only on demand, is located at 32 Waterkant Street in Cape Town. "Gelato" is the Italian word for ice cream. Italians use the word gelato to mean a sweet treat that is served frozen. "Sorbet" a frozen dessert with fresh fruit (containing no milk)

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