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The best of Boarding schools in South Africa

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St Stithians College, Best Private schools in Johannesburg, South Africa
St Stithians offers a synergy model of boys’ and girls’ schooling on one campus. Our students experience a holistic and relevant education, grounded in values that reflect our identity as a Methodist School. We educate thinkers, leaders and citizens for today and tomorrow. We seek to be a College of welcome and wonder, of gratitude and service. I invite you to explore this website and the significant College it represents.
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St Marys DSG, Best Private schools in Pretoria, South Africa
As an Anglican Diocesan School, it has continued to encompass the caring ethos established by the CSMV sisters and yet has all the focus that a school in the new millennium should include - and more. Facilitating the education of 800 girls from Grades 0 - 12 it has maintained an excellent academic standard in the IEB examinations.

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