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The best of Primary school in South Africa

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Sandhurst Pre- & Preparatory College, Best Schools in Sandton, South Africa
At Sandhurst Pre- & Preparatory College we, as skilled, graduate Educators, want to ensure that we afford the precious boys and girls entrusted to our care similar opportunities that will create for them special memories to value and treasure as we have stored within us the ability to do so. Our intimate preparatory school environment will afford every boy and girl an intimate. specialist preparatory college learning environment, in the very heart of Sandton – Class sizes will be kept to a maximum of 24 so that every child is able to blossom and grow. Call today we would love to show you around our campus. We help young people to become happy, confident and competent people of hope and personal integrity, with a deep sense of justice and compassion, and with a sense of social responsibility to positively contribute to and transform the world around them. We are united around a set of values that shape our vision and practice of education. Visit our website for more information or call (011)784-0452/3/4 for more information
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EduExcellence Lynnwood Campus, Best Schools in Pretoria East, South Africa
EduExcellence is an independent private school registered with the Department of Education, Cambridge International Examinations, ASDAN and ISASA. Each EduExcellence campus offer two educational streams: Our Schools (Grade RRR to Grade 12) offers the Cambridge Curriculum to small classes (up to 12 learners) in a home-like environment. Here we choose to include learners with so-called ADD/ADHD and the parent’s choice to medicate or not. Our Centers (Age +-5 years old to 21 years old) support learners who will not follow a fixed academic curriculum. Instead we focus on functional literacy, numeracy, and independent living skills based in the highly-regarded UK curriculum called ASDAN. Our educational neurodevelopment (understanding how the brain learns) approach has been expanded to not only help children with learning difficulties but to help all learners optimize their academic performance. We have partnered with the University of Cambridge’s well known international curriculum as we value their problem solving and critical thinking approach to relevant education. We recognize that only a small percentage of learners will go on to a University education. As such we help learners identify their path for life after school and implement a Secondary School education that will support their life choices and strengths.    We love being… Christ focused with a Biblical world view. Child-centred, helping each child to functional at their optimal performance.   We love providing… Small classes where each child can be truly seen and understood. Individual Development Map, showing our plan for each learner’s journey. A home-like environment where learners can feel spiritually, emotionally, physically, socially and academically safe.   We love… Nurturing hearts. Equipping hands. Expanding minds and growing brains.

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