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Crumbs And Cream

Crumbs And Cream, Best Ice cream in Cape Town, South Africa
Their Dream was a house full of cookies and ice cream, so they took both and made the delicious ice cream sandwich! Recipes and recipes until they have found the perfect cookie and the perfect ice cream! Now let us tell you why it's sooooo good; All our cookies are freshly baked every day-the whole day, so they are fresh are warm! We have several different flavors of cookies; Brownies, Choc Chip, Mint, vegan, Half&Half, Chocolate, red velvet... and there are a different flavors of ice cream; Chocolate, Mint Choc Chip, Caramel fudge, Rum&Raisins.... Instead of having only one flavor of a cookie, we recommend to choose 2 different cookies and 1 scoop of ice cream to create your superior ice cream sandwich!

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